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But the boy who loves her convinces Lexie that she can skate through her blindness, so they work hard—insert training montage here—they fall in love, and eventually she ends up skating a flawless program at the regional competition, to much cheering and acclaim. What started with Romeo and Juliet now ends with Romeo and Juliet.

The scene in which Leonardo DiCaprio sees Claire Danes through the fish tank for the first time is so perfect that it would have been powerful even with total silence. Never has a song been better fit to a mood, a situation, or a love story. There are many great love themes that were left off this list, some better than others. But here are a few worth mentioning:. Become a member. Sign in. Get started. We have taken reasonable measures to protect information about you from loss, theft, misuse or unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.

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Max Harris. His writing has appeared in the New Statesman and openDemocracy. Edited by Nigel Warburton. Politics is inescapably emotional. But political ideas involve feeling. Justice is a state of affairs as well as a state of relief, elation, jubilation. And political advocacy, at its best, involves the passionate expression of strongly felt sentiments and experiences.

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But not all emotions should necessarily be welcome in politics. Hate and fear, for example, drive exclusionary behaviour.

They often result in rash and unfair decision-making. Perhaps love should be a part of politics. Might it not have a better role to play than hate and fear? For some, this shows that love is an empty value in politics: an emotion so malleable as to be meaningless.

In All About Love: New Visions , the American feminist bell hooks says that men writing about love rarely draw on its practice, and even then tend to focus on the receipt of love, instead of the giving of love or the absence of love. Bearing these points in mind as a male writer, I want to begin not with some abstract pronouncements about love, but with some reflections on my own personal feelings of love.

When I think of love, I call to mind the kind, caring glow of my mother. I remember the tone in her voice that seemed constant in my years growing up: a register of concern, somewhere between sympathy and pain. I think of her steady presence, in person and other ways, exemplified in a Skype call where she listened, unwavering, as my voice quivered with fear and stumbling self-doubt. It carries me to the moment when my twin brother held my hand, hour after hour, the day after serious surgery.

I think of an attempt to be present for a close friend in times of struggle and need, through listening, acceptance, affirmation. I bring to mind spontaneous, unflinching outpourings of affection through words and touch. I have felt unloved when people from whom I have expected love have been distant, detached or disconnected. Out of these experiences of the practice of love, it is possible to outline what love might be.

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Instead, what I am interested in, like hooks, is the verb: what it means to love. It is clear to me, from my experiences, that love involves a deep concern, that love is related to a steady state of support, that love is a force transmitted outwards from one person to another, that love is bounded by relationships in which there are expectations of presence and security. Love, in sum, is a deep sense of warmth directed towards another. And warmth can take more specific forms, such as affection, attention, care, and concern.