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Your feedback will be reviewed. A child's development can be irreversibly stunted by overexposure to lead. They were concerned about their children's overexposure to violence. Overexposure to the sun is unhealthy. Keeping children busy is one way to combat TV overexposure.

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Chronic overexposure to the paint's vapor can lead to asthma-like symptoms. Experiencing and suffering. He worries about overexposure and how his friends will react to his new level of fame. The show died a sudden death from overexposure after ABC decided to air it four nights a week. The most underestimated risk for a politician is overexposure. Never one to fear overexposure, the businessman and multimedia star will lend his name to another high-profile business venture.

Marketers need to make their commercials more entertaining and guard against overexposure. Advertising and marketing. He rescued the photo from overexposure and processed it in his darkroom. The photographs were partially bleached by overexposure. The negatives can be rescued if overexposure is not too severe.

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Overexposure of the negative produces a lighter than normal print. The most common cause of overexposure is areas of darkness that fool the meter into thinking there's too little light , which results in highlights that are blown out. Examples of overexposure. All classified radiation workers will have had annual medical examinations for as long as they continued such work; further examinations would have been applicable only if overexposures had taken place.

From the Hansard archive. Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3. Gross overexposure , as in the case of many chemicals, can lead to fatalities. The tone range between the darkest and brightest parts of the photo is not extreme. In the middle photo, only a few highlight areas appear a little overexposed. Wherever you stand on the issue of correct exposure , you should know how to tell if a photo, or parts of a photo, are underexposed or overexposed.

Your camera is able to display information about detail loss. Or you can see it in software such as Lightroom and Photoshop. The histogram is an easy way to view the exposure information or exposure level on your camera or computer monitor. Histograms show you a graphical representation of the tonal values in your photo. If your histogram graphic is showing a spike at the left or right edge this represents high contrast. Your camera may also have a highlight alert option for when you are reviewing your photos. In this view mode, you will see the areas of your photo with no highlight details flashing.

Some cameras will allow you to manually set a limit for when the highlights will blink so you must check this is set correctly. This information will help you discern if your exposure is acceptable to you. Here is a good example, I wanted the fishermen in this photo to appear as silhouettes. I also knew there would be no detail in the sun.

You can see the histogram spike on both the left and right showing there is no detail in the shadows and the sun. I still consider this photograph to be well exposed. Our eyes can see a broader range of tone than most cameras currently available can record. The human eye is capable of seeing about 30 stops of light. The best full frame cameras only capture 13 to 14 stops in test situations.

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The most extreme range is limited to the lowest ISO setting. At higher ISO settings the dynamic range is reduced. This photo of a market vendor in Mandalay, Myanmar, contains detail in the majority of the image because the tone range is not so broad. No matter what camera you are using, you need to make decisions concerning proper exposure. Taking photos in high contrast situations, when the light is harsh and bright, you need to make more careful choices.

Your eyes may be able to see detail in the highlights and shadows, but your camera may not be able to record as much as you can see. To make a choice of how your photos are exposed, it is a requirement to be in control of your camera. This gives me more control and accuracy with the camera settings and exposure adjustment than if I am using any of the auto exposure modes. When the camera is in any of the auto or semi-auto exposure modes it is programmed to give a correct exposure based on middle grey.

Unless you override these settings you will not have so much control over how your photo is exposed.

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In high contrast situations, the camera on auto would probably expose the photos unsatisfactorily. This photo of fishermen on Inle Lake in Myanmar may have resulted in an exposure like this with an auto exposure setting. The digital sensor cannot record detail in the brightest and darkest areas in the same exposure because the tone range is too broad.

I chose to expose this photo so there was some detail in the shadow areas and none in the sun and its reflection. I chose to underexpose a little so the two men appeared somewhat as silhouettes. In high contrast situations particularly, you must carefully choose how you make your exposure reading.

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This will influence whether your photo is well exposed in the most important parts of the composition or not. In this photo, I wanted some detail in the men and water.


I also wanted some colour in the sky. In Ralph E. Jacobson; Sidney F. Ray; Geoffrey G. Attridge; Norman R. Axford eds. Oxford: Focal Press. Physical Principles of Remote Sensing. Retrieved 2 July John Wiley and Sons. Illustrated Dictionary of Photography. Amherst Media. Color Correction for Digital Video. Focal Press. Total Digital Photography.

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Running Press. The Manual of Photography.

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