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ELF radio signals are used to communicate with Naval Submarines deep below the oceans' surfaces. These frequencies can pinpoint a target anywhere on Earth and can penetrate water, rock, concrete and other dense matter. The brain is composed of neurons wires and is powered by low electrical currents. Much like insects communicate with non-contact antenna, humans can communicate with radio transceivers. Each person has a unique genetic code DNA each of has our own distinct radio frequencies.

Category: Transhumanism and AI Read more This is why they perpetuate the reversal 10D current on planet through the area they have control in the middle east, Iran and Iraq. They are only capable to exist in 3 dimensional consciousness while in their body, yet they have access to 10 dimensions of consciousness field. They access limited levels of biological immortality through the vampirism and siphoning of other living things, such as the planet earth. Neural net is a brain neural network which is a biological network.

This term may also refer to artificial neural net, which is a computer generated architecture neural network.

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It is the structure of our nervous system that communicates to the brain many complex patterns related to the storage of memories and processes functions of the body, body parts and consciousness. A biological neural network sometimes called a neural pathway is a series of interconnected neurons whose activation defines a recognizable linear pathway through many connection points.

In the brain, memories are recorded in structures that are represented by patterns of activation among the networks of neurons. Cognitive processes that characterize human intelligence are mainly ascribed to the emergent properties of complex dynamic characteristics in the complex systems that constitute neural networks. Our brain neural net stores data and memories to build a series of interconnected neurons through a neural pathway. The neural pathway defines a recognizable linear pathway through many connection points in our brain.

When our neural net is being impacted or changed by the magnetic shifts, it can manifest radical shifts in our way of thinking and perceiving. The neural net of the planetary brain impulses information to the individual human nerve cell which impulses wave lengths of data to communicate to the human brain. The brain receiver of each individual human being will also receive impulses from the frequency they are attuned to in the collective consciousness thought programming.

The combined ingredients of mind control and belief systems, will dictate how each human being will process this collective data transmission at their consciousness level. Depending on the brain, neurological and consciousness development of each human being, the quality of thought will be represented by the frequency they hold. It is time for the divine masculine to come visibly to the surface and help show the way for the men on this earth to open their heart. These factions are involved in war game trainings that link with alien based technology, to be focused in the Western United States.

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This computerized holographic technology is designed to link multiple neural nets, creating networks of several artificial intelligent brains based on rigorous human data collection and planetary terrain imaging. Therefore, for the United States to maintain superiority requires being prepared for new developments through constant vigilance, research, and information gathering. Modern techniques allow easy manipulation of the genetic information carried by viruses, bacteria, parasites, cells, and organisms. One obvious area in which biological research is relevant to the health of warfighters is the development of pathogens that are engineered to be resistant to current antibiotics or vaccines, to be more virulent, or to be more easily transmitted.

This area of biological warfare, which has been examined by a number of other committees, is excluded from the tasks of this committee at the request of the Technology Warning Division and is not included in this report. Beyond biological warfare, however, there are many ways in which biological techniques can be used to alter the mental or physical readiness of troops for battle, to confound current methods for detecting biological or chemical agents in the field, or to divert the energies of troops to tasks that are counterproductive; or, such techniques can be used as means for developing bio-inspired approaches for communication.

This chapter highlights examples of some of these technologies and assesses their states of development. The approach taken here involves first postulating new BLUE force capabilities that leverage this burgeoning research field and then evaluating potential RED force applications of related technologies. I have two children and love them very much.

The fact that a woman took part for the first time in a Hamas operation marks a significant evolution… women are like the reserve army—when there is a necessity, we use them. Today we needed her because there are a lot of problems for a man to reach out to Israelis in the West Bank and Gaza. Until now, it has been impossible to understand scientifically how persons can behave in ways that Western political, psychological, and psychiatric criteria define as pathological. This inability to understand motivation has caused U. The reason for the confounding nature of the problem and for the failure of this nation to stem its growth relate directly to the simple fact that traditional Western models of behavior cast such actions as psychopathological.

It is likely that these actions, rather than being pathological in the contexts in which they reside, are the actions of rational thought and of educational processes that U. Physicians and psychologists are now using a new set of technologies for analyzing brain function. Initial data have been collected and analyzed in three parallel research streams which support the contention that the U. During the brain scans, the subjects of the experiments observe, through virtual-reality technology, images, sounds, and voice commands, and they also see written text. Online proprietary software ensures in real time that the appropriate hypothesized from past extensive behavioral research part of the brain cortex e.


Pre- and post-identification of activation levels blood-oxygen-level-dependent, fMRI and MEG from cognitive processing e. Next-generation experiments will extend this work to a clearer understanding of how the following— 1 cultural affects of personality, fashioned especially in fundamentalist ashrams and Islamic fundamentalist schools for preteenagers; 2 ideographic, tonal, and symbolic languages e.

The research is objective and repeatable. It is independent of preassigned values of any cultural disposition or orientation. The neurophysiology of thought is being studied now in experiments that demonstrate the active brain centers that subtend language differences, emotional experience moral repugnance, fear, anger, disgust, sadness, and pleasure , and value-based religious and personal experience. Brain imaging is an area of active research; while discernible progress has been achieved, its full potential is as yet unknown.

Brain-imaging technologies may provide a better understanding of behavior, performance, readiness, and stress that is relevant to troop readiness, understanding of cultural differences in motivation, and prisoner motivation. Additional, related information is provided in Appendix E , which also includes more specific descriptions of how such advances could be used by BLUE forces.

Communications superiority plays a dominant role in the effectiveness of BLUE force operations. This capability relies on sophisticated technologies and flexible networking of the knowledge generated through such technologies. Today U. The covert transmission of information between forces is essential to effective timing and control of actions both offensive and defensive. Achieving RED force command, control, and communications including intelligence gathering, surveillance, and reconnaissance among its independent, dispersed units could support effective guerilla engagement of traditional forces.

Such communications might involve the transmission and receipt of short messages e. A framework to achieve effective, inexpensive, yet reliable communication between RED force units under these conditions must be easily accessible, undetected by BLUE forces, and sufficiently robust to carry all of the required information in a manner that can be validated. Hiding simple to complex packets of information in easily accessible physical form or in widely accessible databases could support the basic requirements. Integrating such seemingly innocuous databases with traditional mail that is physically handed off, or with a global, instantaneous, free-access communications system could generate the capability for RED force C4ISR across dispersed, independent units.

The transmission of encrypted messages across the Internet is commonplace, but it provides no cover of invisibility to its users. Hiding information within seemingly innocuous transmissions steganography could further veil the information. A successfully hidden message may be overlooked as a part of something else, whether that is the physical package of the information such as microdots or the complexity of the message medium itself such as hidden information in digital images.

For example, steganography can be used for the legitimate validation of image authenticity. However, as document size increases, the induced noise will degrade the quality of the image to the point of becoming detectable. One inexpensive and reliable way to transmit more complex information might be to hide data or messages in the sequences of DNA or in the databases describing the sequences of DNA or in the sequences and structural data of proteins that are so prevalent in the scientific literature. While digital systems are binary in nature, the information content of a DNA database is coded in a base-four sequence represented by the letters A, T, C, and G.

In a physical sense, the actual structure and sequences of DNA that hold a potential data density are more than 1 million gigabits per square inch, compared with a typical PC hard drive of approximately 7 gigabits per square inch. Typically, data describing functional DNA in the scientific literature contain large stretches of sequences that are not intimately related to the function of the gene. The capacity of the human genome database to hold steganographic data without exceeding the normal noise-to-signal ratio is enormous.

Researchers Clelland and Bancroft developed a simple physical methodology to encode and recover secret DNA messages embedded in the 3 million-fold excess of normal human DNA. Such coded information might seem perfectly normal in the context of daily scientific discussions on the Internet. See Chart These messages could be transmitted and received quickly, but they would rely on the appearance of scientific validity to remain undetected.

More secure transmission of information could be achieved by embedding the encrypted message into the redundant or apparently superfluous regions of a database describing an actual genome the. Last accessed on February 11, Clelland and Bancroft have won a patent for DNA steganographic authentication.

Application of the steganographic potential of DNA in the form of DNA microdots or packets of DNA transmitted through conventional methods increases the potential to hide the medium of delivery while further hiding the message or identifier within the DNA itself.

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Encryption of the base-four lexicon is a logical extension of this approach, but may not be necessary in practical application. Such a physical or database-representation medium for covert message transmission is capable of holding information ranging from single words to very large documents. Registration for access to Web site resident DNA or protein structure databases is easy to obtain but can be tracked.

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Most such databases can be copied but not modified by the user limiting their usefulness for transmitting messages to the provision of the legitimate database with its well-known signal-to-noise ratio. Comparison of the signal-to-noise ratio of candidate messages to the authentic database might indicate the presence of hidden data. Open literature Web sites that do not require registration and allow some manipulation of the data could be candidate mailboxes.

The convergence of 1 Internet discussion of DNA databases that are small enough to afford short upload and download characteristics and 2 unlikely participants might suggest steganography.

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Typical noise-to-signal ratios in such data could effectively hide large amounts of information. This approach might be expanded to include the data sets for three-dimensional structures of proteins to hide the coordinates for a literal map of a battle theater. To the extent that Internet access telephone, digital subscriber line, cable, wireless, satellite is available and reliable, communication between RED force units might approach real-time capability.

Many approaches to encryption and steganographic hiding could be imagined. As molecular biology defines the noise regions, it may become easier to identify false or incorrect databases. Biomolecular electronics are being applied to the encryption of messages using protein-based holograms. Much of the work has focused on the use of bacteriorhodopsin, a protein produced by the salt marsh archaebacteria Halobacterium salinarium found in high-temperature brine pools. The native molecule is composed of three protein chains, each of which has a molecule of retinal bound deep inside.

Retinal contains a string of carbons that strongly absorb light.

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When a photon is absorbed, it causes a change in the conformation of the. Bacteriorhodopsin has excellent holographic properties because of the large change in refractive index that occurs following light activation. Furthermore, the protein is 10 times smaller than the wavelength of light.

This means that the resolution of the thin film is determined by the diffraction limit of the optical geometry rather than the graininess of the film. Bacteriorhodopsin can absorb 2 photons simultaneously and therefore can be used to store information in 3 dimensions by using 2-photon architectures NRC, Bacteriorhodopsin can also be genetically engineered to do different tasks and adapted for numerous protein-based devices Wise et al.

Mutations have been introduced that enhance its holographic properties, and one of the most successful device applications has been in the development of holographic and volumetric three-dimensional 3-D memories. Please enable JavaScript before proceeding:.