The Singing Sleuth Crosses the Pond (The Singing Sleuth Series Book 4)

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The middle school category, in particular, is difficult to define since standard age ranges for books are simply and 13 and up. But there are a few books that I feel belong quintessentially to middle school kids, and I have categorized those as such. For picture books and board books, see also here and here. These are lists of books that I've read to Baby Bookworm. Anything that appears more than once is recommended ;-. All rights reserved. Think my next project will be revising and getting together a chapbook collection of old poems.

Ah, pets. You don't know what you are asking. Then there are the cats -- six, to be exact. One has been my one-eyed snuggler for 15 years. One came in out of the woods and recognised a sucker as soon as he saw me. And speaking of which, my neice foisted off her college cat on us when she left school and had to enter the real world. She couldn't be adopted elsewhere because she bites people. Had stories in each of the anthologies, and two in the first:. Eight novels in the Inspector Green series, plus one pending , and two one out in Sept. Four Arthur Ellis short story nominations and three best novel nominations, of which two Best Novel awards.

I currently have two Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers, one very old and mellow, the other a firecracker. To combine my love of cooking, eating and writing, I am formulating a series titled Solo Sustenance with Style. Oh my goodness, the LKC has been very good to me. Proud to be a "hanger-on":. Spankie's Car," Osprey Media Group, For past decade co-edited, with Jake Doherty, the Sun Media Summer Mystery Festival, a series of short crime fiction appearing in newspapers across Canada.

I have written and published 18 novels of mystery and suspense. Do you want all of the titles? Oh yes. I can't imagine I will ever stop!

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Just yesterday I finished the first novel in a new series that I am writing for the general mystery market. I sent it in to my agent, so I am now able to relax for a little bit. I'm going to take a few weeks break from writing, and then I plan to work on a few short mystery stories before I begin 2 in that series.

A number of my books have received awards. I have others that go back many years - but they're all on my website. Oh, I have a wonderfully gentle and lovely black cat named Captain Hook. We got him from th SPCA when he was a year and a bit old, and his tail is crooked. He's 'Cappy' for short. My husband and I are so devoted to him, and he is the world's most spoiled cat, I think. But, he's worth it.

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My husband and I have a sailboat that we spend our summers on, and he loves to go sailing with us. Harlick is an escapee from the high tech jungle. After working for over twenty-five years in the computer industry, first for major corporations then for her own management consultancy practice, she decided that pursuing killers by pen would be more fun than chasing the elusive computer bug.

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Originally from Toronto, she, along with her husband Jim and giant poodle Sterling, now divides her time between her home in Ottawa and log cabin in West Quebec. A lover of the outdoors, she can often be found roaming the surrounding forests or canoeing the waterways.

Because of this love for the untamed wilds, she decided that she would bring its seductive allure alive in her writings. Madeleine Harris-Callway. I'm delighted to be included in the Ladies' Facebook page. My story, "The. Since Going Out with a Bang, I have devoted my time to novel writing. My as. Dagger and for the Unhanged Arthur. Dundern is reviewing it now so you. I haven't done much short story writing until this year when I had the idea. I was absolutely thrilled to win the Bony Pete this year!

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Here is a listing of my awards and nominations:. Short-listed, Unhanged Arthur Award, for best unpublished. Short-listed, Debut Dagger Award, for best unpublished novel,.

My husband and I are animal lovers though he prefers dogs and I much prefer. Right now we share our Victorian house with two cats, Midnight and. Jet, who we have raised from kittens. Midnight is very old now 19 and not. Jet is a happy affectionate 11 year old. Maureen Jennings is the author of the Murdoch Mysteries, a historical series set in Victorian Toronto.

What would you like to read?

CHUM television has ordered the creation of an exciting new episode series, The Murdoch Mysteries, based on these novels. The first, Does Your Mother Know? Dundurn, 26 , is currently in its second printing. Maureen lives in Toronto with her husband and two dogs. It is nice to be included in the recognition of a venture that added both mystery and humour, not to speak of publishing opportunities for women writers in Canada.

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So congratulations! Yes, I am still writing, though I had a spell with cancer and have had to return to full time work and that has slowed me down. I have a Jack Russell Terrier named Edward Burne-Jones after the pre-Raphaelite painter so that no one will mistakenly think that "Eddie" got his name from the Fraser television show.

I have also published several short stories and articles for magazines. I'm now in the process of rewriting "The Red Pagoda" as a play. My e-mail address is 2dayslee gmail. My other published work ranges from plays and song lyrics to the Randy Craig Mystery series, set in Edmonton, and in particular around academe.


I also have written "The Ghouls' Night Out", an award-winning children's book; True North -- a university textbook on composition and rhetoric; two non-fiction books dealing with Alberta's natural and human history; and I produce the "Edmonton" sections of a colour travel guide sold mostly to Europeans that is now in its fourth edition. I do have pets, even though our kids and I are allergic to dogs and cats. We veer to the extremely cute, and have at present a budgie named Lily, a very cranky cockatiel named Sylvia who is featured in an issue of The Banjo Newsletter for liking to walk down my arm and act as a corsage when I play , and a resident hamster named Scott Bakula.

Mary Jane Maffini. Mary Jane Maffini is a lapsed librarian and a mystery addict. She is the author of six Camilla MacPhee mysteries, two Fiona Silk adventures, five Charlotte Adams books, and nearly two dozen short stories. She holds two Arthur Ellis Awards for best mystery short story, as well as the Derrick Murdoch lifetime achievement award.